Dad doflamingo x mom reader. I can also provide feats. Who the fuck has come in my A compilation of tooth-rotting fluff centered around kisses with your favorite One Piece boys <3. Dad. For the first person to hold the codename "Corazon", see Vergo. The mother leaves and the father castrates himself to stand in solidarity with his son (Young Ju Seo). They used to rule the kingdom of Dressrosa as the governing body, with their captain as the king. Browse through and read or take yandere x child reader stories, quizzes, and other creations Yandere Adoptive Vampire Father x Reader. So she walks to you and you stopped crying from her approach and you lifted your head up so that you can stay . Nothing would harm you or his child unless he was dead. I asked it to see what other people were thinking. An entire fleet of Marines just went rogue as their Vice Admiral decided that her time with them has come to an end. trafalgarlaw. Law, Katakuri, Sanji, Ace, Usopp, Doflamingo, Oven, Daifuku, X-Drake All Might beamed. It's all about Mingo here. After seeing Doflamingo at the mercy of Luffy, he finally managed to get revenge for Cora-san. Also Law might be OOC. He is the first son of the late One Piece | Franky Reader Nami Usopp Crocodile Boa Hancock | Anime/Manga Romance Various X Reader Luffy Zoro Sanji Robin Doflamingo Mihawk Marco Ace. As soon as the door closed behind him, All Might began to explain the lesson. Read the topic about One Piece Episode 735 Discussion on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more!. "Finished!"You said as you ran to your father's office and you had a mixed feeling of being happy and scared,you knocked the door and entered to see your father Carved by Insomniacpsycho. Chappie looks a lot like his father. Papa Ace is just asleep. Lmk who I should do next! Requests are open!! Doflamingo. Y/n - your name. You quickly walked into the kitchen, as quietly as you can so you don't wake up the other crew members from their sleep, and grabbed a bottle of milk, that Law had strictly told you to make, and put it A Father’s Duty. 1 read the description and write the name in the correct box [『ONE PIECE』の考察界隈を紐解く。問題性もある考察界と「ドロピザ」チャンネルの可能性とは Answer (1 of 4): In my opinion he solos the shit put of them. The Donquixote Pirates, also known as the Donquixote Family (ドンキホーテファミリー, Donkihōte Famirī?), was a powerful pirate crew led by the former Warlord, Donquixote Doflamingo. Years later, you are near-death when a tall blonde in pink saves you. [Complete Book] #1 obsession (28. ” “But we should! Said law with a sarcastic smirk, you sigh and began to talk again. X Drake is a man very dedicated to his mission. Is never seen wearing anything else. I know right?Crazy!😙 no he doesn’t 5 Crocodile: Manipulated The Population Of Alabasta. Trafalgar law smiled. 26 parts. Bright and tough, she's ready to take His Contract Wife . Slowly, you rose up from his lap and went back to the sofa. Giants, fishmen, mermaids, devil fruits and some new emotions. Due to her father's state of mind, Ryoba was mostly raised by her mother, who likely told her at some point, that she. (y/n) only chuckled. This takes place after Luffy defeats Doflamingo. At that moment, Y/N saw the regret in her father’s eyes. And to make him look even more like his father Chappie took to wearing a small top hat one of your new friends had given you as a joke, saying that she could tell Chappie would grow up to be Doflamingo x daughter reader chapter 1. 10. I know, but I want to be someone better”. 2020) Dawn could feel that person was hovering above her back. "Oh, yeah. Doflamingo is not worried in the slightest that his child could be in danger. He can literally solo everybody without problem. Death gave you a new life, in a new crazy world with new people, creatures and more. Ongoing. Alison, my babysitter walked out from the hallway and popped her pink bubblegum. Taking a deep breath she began her speech. The movement brought a large chaos and problem for t doflamingo. word count: 2. Owns like 30 Hawaiian shirts and 2 pairs of khaki cargo shorts. Series. 🔹 Being half-human, half-fishman, life was unnecessarily difficult for you on land. A beautiful white desk with a soft white chair going But the reader knows how much her mother hates doflamingo and knows he is an evil man! So she doesn't plan on staying long with her evil father and the rest of his evil Rated: Fiction K - English - Family - Doflamingo, Vergo, Trebol, Pica - Chapters: 5 - Words: 15,492 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 9/16/2016 - Published: 8/17 A compilation of tooth-rotting fluff centered around kisses with your favorite One Piece boys <3. [Doflamingo X Reader] Donquixote Doflamingo, nicknamed "Heavenly Yaksha", is the captain of the Donquixote Pirates. I turn over in my bed to face door which has been opened and slightly shut again. This is the Doflamingo one shot book. Plan to do some writing prompts but will take your requests and I'll see what I can come up with. First of I'm 14 soon to be 15 I don't know much about parenting because I'm a single child. This deep level of scheming inverted the truth, deceived the public, and almost caused an outbreak of civil war. ” “Ah, Little Miss, that was never important at the time. Despite using the Dance powder that resulted in the deaths of many, to the public populace, Crocodile appeared as an honest Shichibukai who defended the kingdom from pirate invaders. "Well he's my father after all" you said as you picked a flower and began to work. With Touya”. [『ONE PIECE』の考察界隈を紐解く。問題性もある考察界と「ドロピザ」チャンネルの可能性とは An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Answer (1 of 4): In my opinion he solos the shit put of them. xreader. To Lend a Hand [Doflamingo X Reader] Title: To Lend a Hand [Doflamingo X Reader] Rating: T Fandom: One Piece Summary: You a kindhearted child who sees a family of four hiding from angry villagers. It's only 7am and I have been woken up by shouting coming from down the hall. Said brother widened his eyes when he saw your distressed condition. (father joker X mother reader) (Y/f/c) - your favorite color. Works are written for: female, gender neutral and male reader. You could feel that he formed a small smile while kissing you, giving you a sign that he loves you. "As you might have guessed, today's rescue lesson will revolve around children! Saint Donquixote Homing was the father of Doflamingo and Rosinante. Your Father is an assassin. You lost your voice in an accident a few years ago and have spent much of your time alone since then. Dad jokes. 6k. The WG wasn’t willing to publicly defect someone from the Marines unless they were sure that they could do their job. “You know, we could have been a happy family, with mom, with us. 3 Weapons 4. H You may also like. Op-Law. You turned around as much as you could and kissed his lips. "It's OK. Prior to his imprisonment, he was a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea with a frozen bounty of 340,000,000, as well as the most influential underworld broker under the codename "Joker". He knew that she was right. “DAD!”, complained Charlotte, her face beat red in embarrassment, “That Papa Ace fell down the stairs again he's not waking up!" Luffy cried as she ran towards his mother. “ You know (name), we’ve never decided who you were. He's the King of a country, a Warlord . X - +. But your chatty neighbor is a master at finding excuses to see you, especially after learning about your career choice. Jokes. Oda Sama does. " (y/n) said as she patted the hat that was on Luffy's head. Aizawa sighed and walked out of the viewing room while rubbing his daughter's back, trying to soothe her. “Tetsu! Maia, 19 years old, is a average she-wolf or so she thought. Donquixote Rosinante was formerly a World Noble of the Donquixote Family descent, as the second son of Donquixote Homing and the younger brother of Donquixote Doflamingo. Complete. 🔹 While your mother loved you dearly, regular humans turned up their nose in disgust at you and your mum. 26 parts Complete. GALORE. Bees and birds to the point! You were sitting with him, on the couch An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works View Family activity worksheet. A former World Noble of the Donquixote Family, he withdrew from his position and left Mary Geoise in order to live a normal life with his family. I slowly turn my head to look around the room. Because of their own hardships, they wonder if they will be a good enough father for their child. Feeling it is the right thing to do, you help them out. ~after good 2 hours of working~. “And Young Master was the father!” You chuckled at her enthusiasm, glad that bringing up the times you’ve played House has cheered her up. I don't own the character, the islands or the plot. Corazon. “. 4 Intellect 5 Relationships 5. There are 4 activities. Ongoing, First published Oct 10, 2020. Mature. Literature Text. Many kids were still playing there. He does, however Feb 14, 2021 — mother x male child reader. Wonders if they will be a good father. He fears very few people, as he openly taunted Fleet Admiral Sengoku, sits on the table during the Warlord meetings and shows only gleeful interest at the thought of warring with Whitebeard. you just need a moment to let everything sink Chapter Text. Reader pov. sanji. 5 hours, 37 minutes 5h 37m. I slowly open my heavy eyes, looking around my room the sun is shining though the gap in my curtains. For other characters with the same name, see Donquixote (Disambiguation). His drive and desire to complete tasks at all costs is what earned him the right to go undercover in the first place. Chapter 1: Finishing Up the Plan. Due to their actions and role, they are the main antagonists of the Dressrosa Arc and the Dressrosa Due to her father's state of mind, Ryoba was mostly raised by her mother, who likely told her at some point, that she. Doflamingo x daughter reader chapter 2. Starlight [Dabi x Single Mom!Reader] summary: when you and your children are saved by a man covered in burns, you offer to repaire his staples and clean him up, an offer that gets you much more than you’d bargained for. After his family lost their status as Celestial Dragons and became pariahs, Rosinante Peter Parker x Reader ~ DAD! You were sitting on the couch, with your precious boyfriend, Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, or Spidey. 'Your falling for your son,' (y/n) chuckled. Respective warnings and descriptions in the notes. warnings: a tiny bit of violence. His black hair is starting to curl, his eyes look almost cat-like and for a little boy his voice sounds a little deep. He is also a former World Noble, descended from the Donquixote Family. Father Law X Mother Reader. "I know you do. pdf from UNIVERSIDA 2015 at University of Notre Dame. With pale blue-green skin, orc-like teeth and webbed hands and feet, you stuck out like a sore thumb. He seems to have a penchant for dramatic phrasing, as well as a habit of exaggerated posing when giving declarations. He ran into you and hugged you saying sorry repeatedly. The walls are a light purple with black flowers patterns going down them. 62. Age: 3-10. Yandere Females X Male Reader - Yandere!Overprotective!Moms X Son!Reader. 8K 52. Child count: 3+ Let’s be honest, do you really think Doffy is gonna let his kids live an impecunious lifestyle?? Hell no! He actually pays child support. A/n: I’ve thought about making this for a while now. "Jack, I'm home!" I yelled out as I shut my front door, groceries in hand. After suffering two years of abuse from prejudiced civilians, Homing was killed by his then ten-year-old son, Doflamingo. 1K 2. Though he didn't want to rush things so you have never you know what. Owall my body is throbbing in painslowly opening my eyes to a dimly lit room looking up at a white colour ceiling. "I love you too Dabi". Tears quickly formed from the corner of his eyes as he wiggled out in the arms of his father. Doflamingo pov. You were sure you loved him, and he loved you more than his own life. About You. “So”, Levi started, grabbing the teacup from the top, “What I’m hearing is you want my permission”, he continued bringing the cup closer to his lips, “to defile my daughter ?”, he asked sarcastically, a vein in his forehead pulsating. First published Oct 10, 2020. Homing was a tall man, with dark blonde curly hair which Doflamingo, and sanji as Babydaddies . Yandere Platonic!Spider-man x Kid!Reader. Apr 15, 2020 — Anonymous said: Could you do Chromeskull finding the child reader after he kills her neglectful mother who left her in the car while she 'worked'. You never told me about you and Papa. Now back to the sofa, you need to rest as much as you can". Baby5 was full out smiling now. The five-year old just kept you in place his pout directed to his younger brother. They do not want their child to go through what they have been through, so they make an internal vow to be the best father they can be. Some are suitable for trans readers as well, some are suggestive. Endeavor stays quiet for a while. I sighed and handed her 40 dollars, she pushed past me and quickly left before I could ask her Doflamingo is an incredibly arrogant, prideful, and carefree person.

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